Monday, September 26, 2016

Dream Big Dreams

I've been thinking about my ideal RV. What features would it have?

Most of my ideal features involve my audio system.  One if the features I fell in love with quickly almost 10 years ago was the "surround sound ". It's not surround sound like the IMAX, but I can sit in the living room and hear the radio, wash dishes in the kitchen and hear the radio. No matter where I go,  I can hear the radio. I luv it!! My radio isn't fancy. It came standard with the RV, complete with am/fm and.... cassette.  I got rid of most of my cassettes,  but thd cassette player doesn't work anyway.  The stereo is installed in the RV, much like your car stereo.

For the first 7 years I didn't have a TV. Most of that time the radio was my entertainment.  I knew my favorite stations and my favorite programs, just like you have favorite TV shows and know when they come on, well before Netflix.

For a while I had another radio simply because I could set a sleep timer, so it would turn itself off after a certain amount of time and it had a CD player. I got rid of this radio player because it was taking up space I needed and I was using my computer to play music. My computer doesn't have a timer to turn off the radio player after a certain period of time.

Tonight I realized my ideal feature would be a stereo that would play CD, that I could play music via my computer  (an auxiliary cable?) and it would have a timer. That is the number one feature I would like to have in my RV.

This RV is too old to justify putting a new stereo in and it will be a while before I'm able to buy another RV.

This RV doesn't have slideouts, and that's ok. Yeah, they add room, but they're a pain to maintain when you stay in the RV log term.

I love that the shower has a valve,  so I can turn off the water flow when I don't need water.

There it's that simple,  or is it simple?

I have many more projects I'd like to work on, but considering the age of the trailer and my lack of carpentry skills, it's not worth the time or money.