Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Win Win Situations

The walls of my small RV are closing in on me.  At times in the past I spent a great deal of time outside my RV "on the patio".  As a result I learned more about my neighbors than I wanted to know because of the sounds coming from their spaces.  I also got tangled up in conversations with people at time I really did not want chat.  Much of the time I find myself going elsewhere, which often involves spending some money. 

One of the things I have come to realize is how helpful it is to be able to house sit.  This often involves not only the opportunity to earn some money, but also spread my wings and do laundry for free.  I am always grateful for such an opportunity!  I currently have three couples or individuals I house sit for when they leave town.  Most of them have pets.  Sometimes the couples I house sit for also have a pet sitter to care for the pets, so my role is to make sure the pets have company and the house looks occupied.  Another one of the folks I often house sit for is a local musician who wants to make sure their place is safe and looks occupied to deter theft.  At each place I love the back porch!  I can be outside without necessarily hearing everything that goes on next door and I can be outside without being brought into every conversation.  I especially love the porches where there is wildlife. 

I recently received a phone call from someone looking for a house sitter for a month.  This person built their house from scrap building material.  They have chickens and a rooster that will need to be brought in at night.  I am skeptical since this person is not willing to pay cash, but exchange house sitting and pet sitting services for energy work and massage.  It would take quite a few massages to make it worth a month of house sitting and pet sitting.  What if I do not like their massage?  Greenbacks are universal and it's always good.